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Leila De Casablanca Meet Whatsapp

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إنتظر قليلا حتى يظهر الرابط

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Leila De Casablanca Meet Whatsapp

Life is beautiful, ma'am She would be So much more beautiful has two! Make projects, share, turn your back on loneliness and if I am there is that I have not Always found this Missing half
A woman aged 37 years of origin of Tetouan, in Casablanca Resides. My life is that of an ordinary woman, a joy of absolute joys and misfortunes. The Darkest Periods of my life have made me grow, mature, calm, full of life, I like to laugh Always in "positive attitude" mode I'm not perfect, but at least I do not pretend to I'm not born, I hate it, I hate dishonesty and people Who have no facts pour their Next, pour the Rest I leave you the pleasure of discovering me

I aspire to meet Me to walk AFIN In the same direction alter-ego, hand in hand. Find yourself, and get tame yourself
A funny, responsible, benevolent, sincere, ready to pose, to make projects of two and family, That will give me the desire to go forward, to go further in two, to share This Life Seems- Without anybody to love, without this "Other" with Who Sharing and Who would light up my days with his sweet madness, his presence, who loves to approach is the life under the angle son Better, without childishness or taken of the head, in With self and Who does not live In stupidity or gratuitous wickedness, attentively pay serious relationship June (marriage) based on trust, love and sharing.
I am also reachable on facebook: Solaf Benkirane ... To the pleasure To read you.
Ps: stories of one night / no tomorrow, It's not my cup of tea!

Name: Leila

City: Casablanca

Age: 37 years old

Numero Telephone Whatsapp: 0629145429