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Joliemimi0099 - slt

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Gender: Women
Age: 31 years old
Size: 1.68m - 5'6 "
Weight: 65 kgs - 144 lbs
Physical: Slim
Eyes: Brown / Brown
Brown hair
Relationship: single
Orientation: Heterosexual
Here for:
Occupation: business
Astrology: Libra
Member since: October 2016
Views: 6289
City: Casablanca
Region: Casablanca
Country: Morocco
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Moroccan nationality
Ethnicity: Other
Last Visit: More than 3 months
About joliemimi0099:
Hello world tt

Hobbies: beauty, success
What qualities are you looking for in a partner? Serious, sincere, weld nass
How would you define your personality in one word? Understanding calm
What are your best qualities? Good heart, sincerity
Do you want to get married? Yes, I want to get married
Do you want to have children ?: Yes
Do you smoke? Non-smoker
Do you consume alcohol? Never
Favorite music: Classical, Dance, Jazz
Trips you have made: france
Trips you would like to make: Turkey, Austria
Sports you practice: walking


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