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How to tell your fiance and lover about your love and your desire to marry him! ?

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How to ,tell your ,fiance ,and lover ,about your, love, and your ,desire, to marry ,him! ?

* Entrance.

We know very well that every woman has her own way and style to speak to her fiancé and her lover, and this is a good indicator of the beginning of marriage in a proper way just knowing the right way to deal with your fiancé and lover
This indicates that love is the highest feelings of human beings at all, and the conflicts and differences and hatred between them, but the reason is the lack of love and love among them,
You will not find a person who hates to love and love, because the human instinct is forced to communicate properly with other people, and is there what is pure and beautiful than love as a picture of the proper communication between people?
It is common to find a person who follows nature and loves, but is unable in one way or another to express this love,

Then comes the way of expressing love, love is not just words, but also behavior, exercise and actions,
Among them is caring for those we love, working to do something that will make him happy, and avoid what might upset him,
And the permanence of the question about him and reassuring him and follow up his affairs, and give him gifts from time to time,
Gifts, regardless of their material value, have a moral value and act as magic on the recipient
The gift remains a renewed memory that says to the recipients on your tongue: "I saw, I love you, you are in Bali and my sins always."

* What is the best behavior to express love for someone ..?

1 - Must be aware Khatib and lover who is for you? One of the things that you can talk to your fiance is to tell him who is for you,
 Imagine that he is not a normal person in your life, but must know that your eye never sees another, you also have to tell him about the things that attracted you, and what he added to your life.

2. What is your planning for your future? One of the most important things you can say is your planning for your future and for the new life that will bring you together. It is not necessary to talk in detail about everything,
But you have to tell your fiance because this will make him feel that you are always thinking about him and planning for a happy future that brings you together.

3 - What do you hide? The promise is not only the marriage covenant that many of us consider,
But you have to beat him from the heart and with the utmost honesty, you can overcome him to be cooperation between you in good times and bad, time of distress and time of joy,
And you will always be beside him and you will help him with your ability, and will do your best to be the happiest husband in the world.

4 - tell him that you love him and that love for him will increase day after day it is very necessary that you tell him that you will remain loved forever,
 This is the basis upon which to tell him that there are many difficult times that will pass you by, but in the presence of you together will make everything easier.


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