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Why marriage is better than celibacy ...?

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Why, marriage ,is better, than, celibacy ...?

Girls live alone for a period of time and enjoy it in going out and meeting new people but with time and progress in life.
The girl begins to feel lonely, especially when her friends start by bonding and getting married.
The girl feels that her life is empty and she wants to have a partner who will complete her life and establish a happy family.

Marriage is an important event in every person's life, and perhaps the greatest commitment one has ever made in his life,
And gives them half-completed and shared feelings in different stages of life.

* There are several reasons why marriage with whom you love makes your life better and healthier.

1. Marriage makes you a better person
Marriage with someone you love will make you happy and a better person. Marriage from a man who loves you will fill your life with happiness. He will do the impossible to make you happy. It offers your comfort and happiness at your personal comfort,
Days may pass when you have some disagreements with your partner. But inevitably your partner will find a way to end the dispute and your wealth.

2. Marriage gives you a companion in your life
There is nothing better than having a partner and loving your life beside you as a friend and you can get it and share it with you. Surely your going with someone you love is much better than going alone.
3. Learn to participate
When marriage is an opportunity to form a cohesive family, sharing the place of living through this sacred bond, the couple forms a balanced unit, from participation in food preparation, the division of nights out with friends and family visits.
4 - Learn to invest for your future
At marriage, the couple forms a family unit and the special goals become one, such as money.
 As married couples become better at performing their professional and financial lives than single men. Their goals are the same so they jointly strive to participate in better performance through participation in billing and participation in decisions,
 The responsibility is like moving to a larger place, organizing a family and investing for your future. And a sense of happiness to achieve those goals with a life partner.
5. Lower your stress level
Having your partner beside you means that you have someone who bears some of the burden for you. If you are having a busy day your partner can help you with routine household chores when you get home.
If something bothers you, your partner will find a good listener to talk to. In fact it turns out that having a human in a relationship relieves stress hormones.
6. The risk of depression decreases
One of the main starting points of depression is loneliness. Believe it or not half of singles are prone to getting depression in their lives,
Simply because they want their lives to be independent so that the family becomes a violation of their freedom. They often go back late and spend most of their time out to overcome loneliness.
As for married when you are with your lover, you are not alone. Just knowing that there is someone you have to go back to can make you feel happy. Just the fact that you have someone to talk to and hug him at any time is by itself a delight.

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